Friday, 4 April 2014

Questions for you all?

I want to hear back from you all, I want the non-canon awards more involved with the non-canon fandom.

What would you like to see more?

Is there anything particular you want us to do?

More fandoms so on so forth?

Writing contests?

Author interviews?

Let us know!!


Mariah T said...

harry potter fandom!!

Mary Henry said...

all of the above:) there are not enough non-canon centric contest so if I had to choose 1 that would be it

CayStar said...

Writing contests would be awesome- the majority of the contests end up with one or two non-canon entries at most and they very rarely even place.

Beatrix Valentine said...

I second the suggestion of a Harry Potter version.

Author interviews and contests would be amazing!

If there isn't a community in place already, starting one over on might be a good way to advertise for the next round. Also a deviantART group which puts up the awards with links to the stories would be great exposure before and after the awards end both for the contest and the authors.

A fanart version would also be really neat. I don't think fanart gets as much recognition as the fics in this fandom and there is some really beautiful work being done by some talented people.

The Non-Canon Awards said...

Awesome! So a Harry Potter Non-Canon contest, more non-canon writing contests, one for twilight and another for open fandoms plus as well as Author interviews. Awesome, I'm glad for the feedback guys.

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