Thursday, 11 September 2014

Moved to Wordpress!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen the Non-Canon Awards have moved to Wordpress! Since WP is easier to follow and use, plus has more storage space... SO be sure to go there and like, follow and so on so forth :D Everything is already there!!!


Mark Henry said...

I'm also visiting this site regularly, this web site is really nice and the users are genuinely sharing good your

LetsJustDance said...

I have been trying to sign in and/or read the winners of the Non-Canon Awards for an hour and finally found the page with the banners, but could NOT sign in and could NOT read the banners...that font is unreadable...they should be re-made with a clearer font! Still trying to get signed in and comment...This is the 4th time I've typed a comment and haven't gotten it on any of the sties, yet. What's going on?

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