The Royal Author Award
The Royal Fic Award
The Non-Canon Author Award
The Non-Canon Fic Award
The Judges Only Section
The Underdog
(For little known Non-Canon Authors....)
The Underfictionated
(For the little known Non-Canon story...)

Pairings Section
Best Hermione/ Draco Pairing
Best Hermione/ Harry Pairing
Best Hermione/ Severus Pairing
Best Neville/Luna Pairing
Best Draco/Ginny Pairing
Best Harry/Tonks Pairing

The Slash Section
Best Draco/Harry Section
Best Cedric/ Harry Section
The Draco Section
The Neville Section
The Harry Section
The Ron Section

The Other Categories
Best Other Non-Canon Pairing
Best Crossover
Best Original Character
Best One Shot
Best Lemon
Best Suspense/Horror
Best Tear Jerker
Best Humor
Best Romance
Best Quote

The Arts of Non-Canon
Best Banner
Best Manip
Best Video
Best Story FanArt

(fan art for Fanfics only)


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